Ellen's Photo Page

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Twirling corps

So happy to be twirlers and part of a group.

Marching at Expo 67

It was a beautiful sunny day at EXPO 67
The majorettes were happy to be marching with their band.

Not even the rain can stop us.

These majorettes marched along Moncton's Main Street in spite of a bit of rain.

I started young.

Young majorettes in their first parade.

A majorette from 1969 Two more from 1969.

The Summer of 1969 had many majorettes on Main Street.

Green and white majorettes

A good group of friends marching and twirling together.

Blue Majorettes

Moncton's "Blue Majorettes" from the mid-1960s.

Group on parade

Moncton's Santa Claus Parade from 1977.


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