What does friendship have to do with twirling?

Friendship involves people, and twirlers are people. Twirlers are often part of a group of people. The group needs to do something together, and can the group do it well together if the twirlers aren't friends?

Everybody needs friends. If you don't think so, just try having a serious problem without having any friends. Try spending a week or more in hospital without any friends.

A true friend is someone who will love you in spite of every excuse people might try using to not be your friend.

True friendship never asks for friends to have the right color skin, or the right color hair, or be the right size, or act just perfectly, or ... any of 1002 other things you might think of.

Friends are happy to see each other, and enjoy doing things together.

3 girls 2 friends

Two sisters and their friend, and two best friends, liked spending Saturday mornings learning to be majorettes.

You don't need to be a majorette to be someone's friend, or a friend in order to be a majorette, but being both can be a very good thing.

Everything in this world would be so much better if everyone could be everybody's friend. How many of the bad things you hear about would never have happened if more people had been friends?

In some countries, it is normal for people to greet a friend with a kiss on the cheek. It is just a friendly way to say: "Hello. I'm happy to see you."

A lot of us live where people will think you are very strange if you greet your friends that way. There is nothing wrong with greeting a friend with a kiss. Why not try it for a few days? Tell us what happens.

Love is patient and kind.
Love is never jealous, or conceited, or proud, or rude, or selfish, or cranky.
Love never keeps score of what people do wrong.
Love is happy with truth, not evil.
Love keeps its faith, hope, and patience going strong.
Love is forever.
Love never dies.

1. Be nice to somebody.
2. Be friendly to someone.
3. Find somebody who needs a hug, and give him/her a hug.
4. Greet as many of your friends as you can with a kiss on the cheek.
5. Try to make a new friend.
6. Remember that what goes around comes around.

Please e-mail us with anything you want to say about friendship.


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